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My Culture is NOT For Sale : DON’T Touch My Hair, And I’m NOT Saying It Again

As a woman of African descent, it is clear that our genetics dealing with our hair follicles are different from any person from an European descent. Since I decided to give up the creamy-crack back in 2013, my natural hair has been growing to God! Often, I get questioned, “Is it real!?” “Can I touch it?” “OMG! It looks like COTTON!” Majority of the time, the main people who ask these questions or give these compliments are people who are not African American but of the European descent, White Americans.

Since March of 2017, I decided to do something a bit different to my hair and the response of others was RIDICULOUS! No, I didn’t cut my hair, or bleach it but instead… I LOCKED. YES! DREADLOCKS! And boy’ole’boy have the unnecessary comments fluctuated. Even without the negative comments, people are still amazed at what a Black Woman’s hair is capable of… and honestly, I don’t understand.

More and more celebrity Black Women have embraced their natural hair and I don’t mean just at home on Snapchat either. Black Women are beginning to embrace their natural hair on Red Carpet events and even while working for movies, sitcoms and other television series.

As more and more women decide to go natural, the rate of relaxers have decreased enormously in purchases. Although I consider being natural the best way, I will never SHAME anyone who chooses and desires a relaxer. If you absolutely need that relaxer every 6-weeks with that silky wrap.. GO FOR IT! Let it blow in the breeezzzze.

I LOOOOOVE Being a natural Black Woman. However, what myself and many others will not tolerate is the level of disrespectful curiosity. I know I appreciate it until it becomes too much, like.. WAY TOO MUCH! For example, there have been fashion designers who have casted White Americans Women to portray an African American Woman. In many cases people say that, ” they take our culture and make it into high fashion”. Instead of fashion designers casting Black Women with natural hair, they would cast a White Women, spray tan her skin a darker shade and install a synthetic Afro. HOW DARE THEY!?!?!?

We get it that you all like our culture but it’s our culture! and it’s NOT for sale..

In conclusion to HAIR…

YES! It’s Real! and NO! You can NOT touch my hair!

…and I’m NOT saying it again..

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