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Expert Advice Saying We Should Use 2 Foundations Instead of One

Okay makeup lovers, listen up. This was an eye opener in the world of foundation, especially for those of us that have trouble matching our makeup to our skin tones.

Most of us, if I am correct, only use one foundation, the one that best matches the color of our skin. But, let’s be honest, there is almost no makeup in the world that can perfectly match everyone out there!

That’s why when E News sat down with makeup artist Mai Quynh, we just had to share the interesting advice she had to offer. Use two foundations instead of one!

This helps in various different ways: first, you can blend the colors together to match your tone better; second, you can use the darker color to contour your face if you’re mainly using the lighter shade as a base; third, you have the lighter shade to use in the winter and the darker shade to use in the summer if your skin is in that awkward, in between phase.

This is definitely something worth thinking about if you’re as frustrated at trying to match your makeup to your face as I am! So take the leap and buy that second foundation. The worst that can happen is you just end up with a little extra makeup, which has never been a bad thing.  Check out more on


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