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Girl get that natural glow:Melanin Poppin!

Hola readers!

I’ve been doing my research on living a healthier lifestyle along with excellent home remedies that are great for your overall health.  I found several things that seem to be efficient and becoming popular.  To continue the conversation we had yesterday I wanted to share with you all the top five summer foods that will for sure bring that glow.

Beauty is way more than skin deep but what about the inside? We talked about finding a healthier lifestyle and tricks to live better. According to Centric TV  the top five foods to give your skin that natural glow is:

Avocado: serve it with a fresh salad or even add it to a grilled meal. It is a healthy fat that supports skin hydration, and it detoxifies.

Cherries:  Help with SPF protection, eating a nice amount of cherries can also prevent UV damage.

Watermelon: Also prevents sun damage and helps support anti- ageing.

Eggplant: Helps prevent water retention and fights ageing damage.

Apricots: support smooth skin and tastes great!

So I hope this helps you by living a healthier lifestyle. If you have any ideas, please share.

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