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Jennifer Lopez Wants That Old Thing Back, Would Date Ben Affleck Again If Given The Chance…



I see Jennifer Lopez just can’t let go of the past and she has no regrets about her relationship with former boo Ben Affleck.  Jennifer talks about her break up with him was the lowest point of her life and career, because the movie Gigli they did together also received poor reviews.

According to

The Boy Next Door star said: “I think the worst, probably lowest point was the whole Gigli era. It was pretty tough. It was a very badly reviewed film.”

Asked if she had any regrets about the time period, she told theHuffPostLive: “No. No regrets. I would do it all over again I think. I really would. Even the relationship part.

JLo was asked what she thought of Ben’s full frontal nudity in Gone Girl, and Jen’s response was pretty funny.
“Nothing I haven’t seen before,” Jen said laughing.

First of all, why is she talking about another woman’s husband ? Would she date Diddy again, that’s the real question? She is coming off real thirsty… I wonder if there is some things going on behind the scenes, as to why she keeps bringing his name up….

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