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A Plan B?: What would happen if Hillary Clinton leaves the political campaign?

After the medical episode Hillary suffered last weekend, the public and the DNC 
(Democratic National Committee) are asking themselves; what would happen if Hillary 
drops out before election day? 
 Representatives from the DNC stated that if such an unprecedented event would 
happen, the republic aftermath would not be pretty. The reason is because the DNC has 
no authority to remove Clinton out of her nomination. That action can only be done if 
Hillary decides to step out voluntarily. If Hillary decides to step out, the DNC would 
convene for an emergency meeting and choose the next presidential nominee. 
This is not the first time that there have been rumors of a candidate dropping out 
during an election campaign. It happened on August, when the poll numbers for Trump 
were so low, that the republican party was looking for a plan B in case Trump drops out. 

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