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A Witness Reveals What Really Happened Between Cardi, Offset & The 2 Sisters (video)

The situation between Cardi B, Offset and his side piece is getting juicer by the day… It appears that Cardi B was the one who started it all, even though she didn’t throw hands… Last weeks rumors were swirling that Cardi B went to confront offset’s side piece at a club she worked, where he also happened to be and let’s just say things went left…

Now, a witness has come forward to recount what happened that night and let’s just say the tea is exceptionally good today..

  • Instagram stripper SEXDOLL who was a guest dancer at the club that night was with their entourage . She bounced when she noticed they where not throwing dollars.
  • She describes that cardi and her girls ( 2 of her close friends) where all dressed in sneakers and regular clothes. Basically came to fight.
  • Cardi started arguing the girls FIRST. Sexdoll described cardi standing up on a chair and arguing with the bartenders at this point her girlfriends jumped in and started throwing drinks. The bartender chicks ducked under bar and security jumped in. Cardi basically started it and let her girls fight the bartenders. NO ONE got hit. There was no fight just arguing and drinks being thrown at each other.
  • Offset was suppose to be in the VIP section but he went down to the bartender spot where jade and her sis is at to throw dollarz
  • It was hit on the girls.
  • The stripper community says that offset is smashing the jada girl
  • At the end of the night the club’s security escorted cardi b and her team out. Security escorted the bartenders in the parking lot until they got a ride home.

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The baby daddy wants Cardi B to know:

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