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Ace Of Diamonds’ Owners Speak On Amber Rose “Hi-Jacking” Their Brand

When Amber Rose announced that she was the new owner of Strip Club Ace of Diamonds everyone was congratulating her on her latest venture, but the owner of club quickly shut down those rumors and filed a lawsuit against her…

Now the owner is speaking on about Ms. Rose and her stealing their brand with Hollywood Unlocked…..

*Amber is trying to steal a concept that they created and branded 3 years ago. They’re flattered.

*They were on Season 1 of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, where they were hiring Masika as the face of the Ace Of Diamonds that they were going to open in Vegas.

*Amber used her influence as a public figure to get a blue verified check on the Ace of diamonds instagram page she created to act like she was the legit owner. She also used her relationship with instagram to get the original ace of diamonds page deleted.

*She has a lot of power, and she’s using it to mess with their business and steal their logo and brand.

*When Amber made the announcement that she bought Ace of Diamonds, they were confused because they never sold it.

*Their lawyers have been having a back and forth with her lawyers.

*Amber knows who they are. They have booked her at the club several times. Within the last 3 years, Amber has made six figures at the club.

*Amber retracted her statement from saying that she bought the club to now saying that she’s opening up a new Ace of Diamonds club.

*Amber is opening the new Ace of Diamonds with a person named Jason who was on the committee of the marketing firm for the original Ace of Diamonds. He was originally hired to promote the brand on social media for $500.

*Jason felt that he was a grown man who wasn’t going to bow down to any other man, so he left the original AOD. He had no ownership of anything. He’s just a disgruntled former employee who’s basically teaming up with Amber for revenge.

*Amber is a sucker if she believes Jason.

*They don’t understand why Amber is doing this. They’ve been nothing but good to her, paid her, and she’s made a lot of money with the club. They feel as though She’s already made a name for herself as “Amber Rose”, so why does she have to steal their brand. They feel like she’s being a bully because she has the power, popularity, and influence.

*They feel as though she’s fake, shady, and sneaky and that she’s build a career off of hyping things up for herself. The owner has video proof of Amber acknowledging him as the owner, so he doesn’t understand why she’s doing this.

*They have no problem competing against her. Even on AODMONDAYS.

*They plan on filing an injunction for her to stop using the name. Their business has been affected by not having the social media page to promote the club.

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