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Adele Covers The December Issue of Vanity Fair, Talks Depression, Dark Side and Beyonce…

I think everyone feels that Beyonce is the second coming of Michael Jackson, in a new interview with Vanity Fair, Adele talks Talks Dark Side, Postpartum Depression and more in new interview.

Adele rarely opens up about her life outside of music and has always been shy about her celebrity life, but in the December issue of Vanity Fair magazine she lets her guard down just a bit opening up about motherhood, relationships and battling depression for a majority of her life. Check out some excerpts below…


Adele talks her darkside with depression:

“I have a very dark side. I’m very available to depression,” she admitted to the publication. “I can slip in and out of it quite easily. It started when my granddad died, when I was about 10, and while I never had a suicidal thought, I have been in therapy, lots.”

On dealing with PostPartum after the birth of her son:

“My knowledge of postpartum—or post-natal, as we call it in England—is that you don’t want to be with your child; you’re worried you might hurt your child; you’re worried you weren’t doing a good job,” she said. “But I was obsessed with my child. I felt very inadequate; I felt like I’d made the worst decision of my life.”


Which is why she’s hesitant on having another child.. She continues; “It can come in many different forms…You’re constantly trying to make up for stuff when you’re a mom.”

But, now that she’s snapped out of it and has come to terms with motherhood, her son Angelo is her world, she states “I don’t mind, because of the love I feel for him,” she admitted. “I don’t care if I don’t ever get to do anything for myself again.”


Adele said fame made her have a come to Jesus moment and that’s when she decided to stop drinking, “I used to love to be drunk, but as I got more famous I would wake up the next morning and think, ‘What the f–k did I say and who the f–k did I say it to?'” she explained. “I can see from an outsider’s perspective that I will never write songs as good as the ones that are on 21, but I’m not as indulgent as I was then, and I don’t have time to fall apart like I did then.”
She continued, “I was completely off my face writing that album, and a drunk tongue is an honest one. I would drink two bottles of wine, and I would chain-smoke. Then I’d write the lyrics down and the next morning think, ‘F–k, that’s quite good.'”

On her relationship with her son’s father, she can’t ever see herself being separated from him, Adele feels that their age gap works well..


“After releasing my first album, all the other people I ever was with were so insecure about themselves—they couldn’t handle it at all,” she revealed. “When I try to describe this to my friends they don’t always get it, because they go out with people that are our age, but Simon is already who he is, and I’m still becoming who I’m going to be. He’s confident. He’s perfect.”

Beyonce has always had great things to say about Adele she states:

“When Adele sings you can hear that it’s coming from an unfiltered honesty and purity. She creates songs that go deep and expose pain and vulnerability with her soulful voice. She takes you places other artists don’t go to anymore—the way they did in the ‘70s.”

Reflecting on the 28-year-old’s personality, Queen Bey added…

“It is so easy to talk to her and be around her. She’s funny as hell and her comebacks are legendary. The most beautiful thing about Adele is that she has her priorities straight. She is a gracious woman and the most humble human being I’ve ever met.”

Nevertheless you can read Adele’s full interview at

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