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Adidas to Blac Chyna : You’re A Liar!

Earlier this morning news surfaced about Blac Chyna possibly inking a deal with the Adidas brand, but she was hesistant because the money wasn’t right.. Well Adidas is firing back calling Blac Chyna a liar and that there was never any deal to begin with..

According to TMZ:

Chyna’s lawyer had told TMZ Adidas offered his client $250k for a line of shoes, but claimed the amount was woefully inadequate.

Adidas is calling BS and says there has not been a single discussion with Chyna, her lawyer or anyone else about using her to hawk shoes.

Chyna’s lawyer tells us, “I have absolutely no comment.”

Her lawyer went from, ”$250,000? That’s an insult to my client!” to ”I have absolutely no comment.”


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