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Akon Regrets Letting Money Get Between Him and Lady Gaga….

Akon reveals in a new interview with Larry King that he hated that money came between him and Lady gaga… He praises Gaga for being a visionary and a legend and he details how they came to work together…


He says that Gaga is a visionary and a modern day legend. She is also a great marketer, and uses technology to further evolve her artistry and pop culture. He further says that she practically runs her own career now. She knows what she wants and what she wants to do.
2. Back when nothing was happening to Gaga commercially, he just listened to her vision and became her source of support in order to achieve her dreams as an artist.
3. Now works as an ‘advisor’ for Gaga. He further tells Larry that he is available when she needs him.
4. He “unfortunately” still gets money from Gaga (I guess from album/song and tour sales still). Take note of the quoted word. Before the questions, he told Larry that he regrets letting Money ruin his relationships with his artists. He has changed since then (now working to get electricity to cities in africa). Now he just wants to be a mentor to her.

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