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Amber Rose has a Beauty Tip that could break your back, before ever Breaking your Bank!

That’s right, Amber Rose has a Beauty routine that everyone should consider themselves lucky enough to be able to afford. It’s far from the caviar-and-pearl mixtures people are apt to splurge on, in the most luxurious of spas. Her claim is so simple that some could find it downright scandalous. Amber Roses’ beauty tip is something that many people are going to want to keep confidential, if they do venture to test it out, or already use it.

Why is that? It’s because it’s the same thing that some parents have warned their offspring, for generations against, warning that it causes hairy
palms- but wouldn’t that still be worth a strikingly beautiful glow? For tons of Amber Rose fans, that’s going to be an affirmative. According to Complex magazine, the golden skinned, Amber Rose was quoted, in Glamour; as saying that masturbation was the cause of her naturally enhanced glow. This is one of the most affordable skin care regimens that has probably ever been shared, by a celeb, rocking such a camera close-up ready complexion.

Story by Intern:
MeLissa Carruthers Wilson

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