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And the DUMB DUMB Awards Continue : MempHitz Come To The Stage

Since we are starting the path of the DUMB DUMB awards, I’d like to bring Sir. MempHitz to the stage….

As you all know Memp Hitz wright humiliated his estranged wife Toya on Marriage Boot Camp in an explosive argument about boundaries in their marriage. After realizing what a complete moron he was, he decided to publicly apologize:

” I want to express my deepest humility and publicly apologize to Toya Wright now for my actions as seen on Marriage Boot Camp. Even tho it was a year ago,  we were going thru it, I can’t help but hurt for her because she does not deserve that. It’s hard to watch actually. It’s super hard to watch the demise of me & my best friend for all to see, Hopefully, thru our pain, some will be able to save their relationship. We  finally giving em what they always wanted our break up.”

I don’t know how sincere this dude is, but he can come right along to the front to received his DUMB DUMB award for the day. Let us know what you think readers? Did he seem sincere? Comment below..

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