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Angela Simmons Wants You To Believe She Got Pregnant While Losing Her Virginity….

People are truly determined to die with a lie…. On the last episode of Growing Up Hip Hop Angela Simmons sat down with sister Vanessa to break the news about her being pregnant…..

I will say….This is why you shouldn’t disclose your virginity or lack of sex, because when news like this surface people feel like they have to clarify, justify, and even lie about something that only they should know..

Angela gets all up in arms about people discrediting her about being pregnant and lying about being a virgin….. But you made it everyone’s business when you made it the topic of discussion in each interview, as early as January when she interviewed with Romeo after the first season of #GUHH at the Breakfast club…

When she broke the news to Vanessa, the fact that her own sister was like “First Time?” then came at her with the epic side eye, told me everything I needed to know. watch below:

Angela’s sex life is her business but she was the one who made her virginity define who she was was as an individual and a celebrity. Now that she looks like a hypocrite, she’s trying to play clean up, but still paint herself in false virtue.

The thing is, no one really cared about her or her virginity like that…. But OK!




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