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Ashley Graham Covers The January 2017 of British Vogue, Talks Fat Shaming, Being Comfortable With Herself x More…

Ashley Graham is covering the January 2017 issue of British Vogue, which she was photographed by Patrick Demarchelier.

Ashley answers a series of questions for the magazine and talks about when young she use to compare herself to others and as she looks back she now regrets even doing that.

On Comparing herself:

‘I think the moment that I stopped comparing myself to other women is the moment that I actually became really successful and happy with all of myself — flaws and all honey,’ she explains.

She reveals that her critics jump as the chance to body shame her online.
‘Usually if I have a little bit of cellulite hanging out, people freak out,’ she says before scrolling through the hateful comments that have been written to her.

People always come at Ashley on Social Media with the hateful words and body shaming, telling her to stop making ‘FAT COOL’. One person told her that she was going to kill somebody and often compare her to Adriana Lima…

Ashley says that when she reads these types of comments at the end of the day, she just brushes them off her shoulder and moves on with her life. ‘Women of all shapes and sizes, ages and ethnicity are beautiful,’ she reiterates.

As the first plus-side model to cover the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and British Vogue, Ashley has broken plenty of boundaries, but she has another dream to check off her bucket list — and it involves her celebrity crush Idris Elba. ‘I imagine he is cast as James Bond and I am his Bond girl. Don’t you just see that?’ she asks the cameras. ‘I see it I see it every night in my dreams.’

Watch her mini Q&A below…

To read her full interview, click here…

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