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Ayesha Curry Is The New Face For Covergirl

Congratulations or Chef Ayesha Curry on being the new face of Covergirl… Ayesha reveals the news in a new interview with Glamour Magazine and Instagram….. Check some excerpts below…

What does this campaign mean to you?

“It’s such an honor. I remember my mom wearing CoverGirl. And no joke, the first lipstick I got was CoverGirl. It was this pearly pink shimmer that was not the color for me, but it sticks in your mind. And I have two little girls, four and one. My four-year-old is obsessed with makeup, and not through me! All on her own. But ultimately I’m teaching her that it’s not a necessity, it’s a treat. It’s a tool that you can use to transform yourself. I think that’s important. You don’t need the makeup. It just makes you feel fun and allows you to be creative. That’s what I love about it.”

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