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Beanie Sigel Out Here Gathering The Kids….Confirms Ghost Writing For Meek Mill

State Property and former Rocafella alumni Beanie Sigel is not holding back in new Breakfast Club interview. In a new Sigel reveals that he helped ghostwrite for Meek and fellow rapper Omelly’s “Ooouuu” remix diss song to The Game.

Beans says:

“A few of them, yeah,” Sigel said when asked if he ghostwrote any diss lyrics for Meek Mill and Omelly. “[For both of them?] Yeah. Yeah. You’re not [qualified to speak on this, Charlamagne.] Get the f*ck outta here, Charlamagne, man. What loyalty? With who? He ain’t provide me any opportunity. He ain’t call me and ask me to do that. I did that. Meek wasn’t even there. It was just Omelly in the studio. It wasn’t no call. Somebody told me – ‘Meek Mill’s cousin, Omelly in the studio, they’re recording something.’ I go in there, ‘Oh, this what y’all doing?’ I wasn’t even even going to get on the record. X, Y, Z, ‘Nah, you gotta do this, bro, say this.’ I went and I referenced the track for him.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

There are some pathetic gems in this interview.

Charla: But you called him (Meek) a sucka.

Beans: I never said that.

Charla: Yes you did.

Beans: Regardless..

Check out full interview below:

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