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Bernie Sanders Tried to Tell Ya’ll He Had The Formula to Beat Donald Trump!

I’m sorry, but this is a sad day in America, what everyone took for a joke has become reality.. I was watching an Instagram video where this guy made some serious valid points when it came to this election….

He started out by saying how after Donald Trump’s win, you started seeing people … Meaning ‘Black People’ act like Samuel L. Jackson’s character in DeJango…

In case you don’t know here you go:

He stated that Bernie Sanders told you that he had the formula to beat Donald Trump, he also stated that you can check his track history about being for blacks and that he could give America what it needed, but the guy pointed out that instead you wanted to be mixie… And run with the crowd….

After watching the video I can say that I agreed with him and that he had some very valid points, especially with Hillary’s track record…. Watch full video below:

Via @estarrdamonstarr nothing but facts tho! ✋? being mixie!!! #DonaldTrump #BernieSanders #HillaryClinton Bernie did try to tell us tho! #CelebrityXO

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