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Berry Pickers Say They Are Paid 6$ A Day… SMH BOYCOTT DRISCOLL Berries..

Field workers who pick Driscoll’s berries are asking buyers to stop purchasing their products until they are paid fairly and given better work conditions. “If you’re a farm worker, you don’t know how much you’re going to get paid each day,” said Formación Cívica coordinator Edgar Franks. “You still have to pay for gas, childcare, food and all those things. It’s an unfair practice.”

Some of the workers say they are paid 6$ a day, describing it as a modern day slavery in Mexico. Both their U.S and Mexico employees report being bullied to skip breaks, forced to work near harmful chemicals, all while not receiving medical insurance, children are also working in the fields.

Only recently did workers in the U.S. win the right to form a union, but will continue with boycott as they seek to earn $15 an hour with safer working conditions. “If the workers aren’t getting paid the wage that they deserve,” added Franks, “then we’re still calling for the boycott of Driscoll’s.”

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mi gente se mata día tras día para sobrevivir. it is inhumane the conditions they are in and the poor pay they receive.

no water or bathroom breaks, sexual assault, slave wage, child slavery, no health services, harmful chemicals, violence.

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