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Bethune-Cookman University INVITED Betsy DeVos to Commencement Ceremony and The Students “BOOOOOOO” Her AND Omarosa

Ever since Trump became President, there have been numerous of things that have gone WRONG!!!! I could sit here and tell you the many disastrous events that have taken place in the last couple of months but I would like to focus on something that is close to me. On May 10,2017, Betsy DeVos attempted to speak at Bethune-Cookman University’s ( a HBCU in Florida) Commencement speech and got BOOOO’d by the graduates. Now, if you do not know Betsy DeVos, I would HIGHLY suggest you look her up and then you will understand why the students reacted the way they did. Betsy DeVos is the Secretary of Education selected by Donald Trump. She has NO experience in education,  NO administration experience, she support Jeb Bush and Common Core curriculum, and could care less about the public school system.

Click HERE to see her attempting to give her Commencement Speech.

Not ONLY did they BOO her, but they turned their backs on her as well. HA!

The President of the University invited DeVos to speak, which was probably the worst decision he could have made. In my opinion, he sold his soul to the government just for publicity! He got publicity alright, but it wasn’t POSITIVE! Students and protestors disagreed with this decision so bad that even the NAACP of Florida suggested that he resign!

During the ceremony, the President of the university gives a small recognition to Omarosa.. The Students BOOed her as well. LOL

Being a HBCU student myself, it is extremely terrifying to see that a President of a HBCU INVITED someone with such low standards. SMH. At this point, IDK what’s going on with HBCU Presidents but I need them to get it together rather QUICKLY!



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