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Beyonce Once Asked Jay Z to Wear A Sean Paul Mask For Halloween ?

Now that Jay Z and Beyonce’s On The Run Tour is officially starting, we are going to get a lot of rumors and stories about their past, present and future…. Basically drumming up publicity. But, this particular story is funny and not far fetched, because I remember there were rumors of Jay Z not being here for Sean Paul and besides it makes for a good story!

Remember the two collaborated on their smash hit ‘Baby Boy’ from her Dangerously In Love album and for the video, Beyonce and Sean had to shoot their shots separately. But, the final nail in the coffin was during the 2003 MTV Awards, Sean Paul was not allowed to perform their hit, he had to sit in the audience and watch..

According to 18KaratReggae:

More than ten years later and we are now finding out that it was not a rumor but a fact that Jay Z prevented Sean Paul from performing with Beyoncé. According to source close to the Jay Z and Beyoncé circle it all started as a joke by Beyoncé which was taken too seriously by Jay Z.

The couple were said to be at a dinner with friends a few weeks before Halloween and Halloween costumes were being discussed. A friend at the party suggested that Jay Z being a rapper maybe should attend the upcoming Halloween party as a dancehall reggae artist. Beyoncé immediately agreed and said with excitement, “yes baby, get a Sean Paul mask and go as him,” said the source close to the couple’s circle.

The source says that Jay Z mouth opened wide with astonishment after Beyoncé’s comment. Jay Z took Beyonce’s comment to mean that Beyonce was fantasizing about Sean Paul and wanted to use Jay Z to help her play out her fantasy. “It is like it was no longer just about Halloween and a Halloween costume. He did not speak after that and needless to say the dinner ended prematurely,” said the source.

This incident occurred after “Baby Boy” was recorded but before the video and the MTV Video Awards performance. According to the source, this incident was the root cause of why Sean Paul could not be around Beyoncé.

Funny, because Sean Paul collaborated with his old flame Blu Cantrell too, so it kind of makes sense:

Beyonce did eventually perform with Sean Paul

Remember she addressed this on 106 & Park:

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