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Black Ink Chicago Season 2 “Supertrailer”

Black Ink Chicago is back and very different from the first season…

According to VH1:

Charmaine is still well, Charmaine, and she has no problem letting the new Kat know she is not feeling her. When I say “not feeling her” I mean they brawl, hunny, like more than once. Danielle is still having relationship issues with her man. Phor is steady trying to break into the industry. Ryan is about to be 30 and is not with he foolishness this time around but is seemingly fooling around with Char. Oh, and since Kat left, he hires two new tattoo artists, Junior and Cobra Kat (not to be confused with blondie Kat). Not for nothing Cobra Kat looks like she is NOT the one. Don, lawd, Don is about to marry Ashley but allegedly has a child who’s not Ashley’s?

Click the link above to watch trailer…

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