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Different Shades of Black: Light Skin vs. Dark Skin

During a time where we are to reflect and rejoice in the greatness of our blackness, some of us are still pushing that light skin vs dark skin narrative. I was hoping that this was something we were leaving in 2016, I was wrong. Now a lot of the memes about this subject are dissipating and being replaced by a multitude of hilarious “cash me ousside” and “salt bae” memes, but replacing the issue doesn’t make it go away.

I recently overheard a couple of my coworkers giving life to the light skinned vs dark skinned debate and I was a little surprised. I’ve been so focused on the world and society attacking and belittling my culture and people I did not realize how often we were doing it to ourselves. The conversation between my coworkers morphed from a friendly debate to an official “team light skin”, “team dark skin” throw down.

That’s when I had to cut it, I had to remind them that they were both black. Not matter how light or dark you are still black. I let them know the entire debate is the perpetuation of a slave mentality.

In 2017 the fairness of your skin doesn’t make you less of a target. It doesn’t make you better that your darker skinned counterparts, it makes you their equal. During this cultural, political, and societal upset it is counterproductive to compare and tear each other down over something that we cant change. If we are divided amongst ourselves, how can we stand together against tyranny and injustice. Standing in unity and loving our melanin, no matter how much we were blessed with, is a beautiful thing. Spread love, hope and peace this month instead of hate and jealousy, how bow dah?

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