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Black Woman Locked In Mental Hospital After Seeking Counseling For Miscarriage

This is the type of stuff I loath, a woman who miscarried her baby at nine months went to a hospital in Arlington, Texas to seek counseling for her traumatic experience, instead she was committed to the psychiatric ward and locked up against her will.

According to

She was not homicidal, suicidal, or a substance abuser. She was not a danger to herself or others. She was simply seeking grief counseling.

After a 5-minute evaluation through an iPad, a physician signed a certificate to have her incarcerated at Millwood. He told her that if she tried to go home, he would obtain a court order to hold her there.

She and several others have filed lawsuits against Millwood Hospital. They are being represented by the heroic attorney, Ramez Shamieh.

All 50 states have laws making it remarkably easy for a physician to have someone locked up for 48 hours or longer with the stroke of a pen. This is a huge conflict of interest, as the same doctors who are ordering these people’s confinement are employed by the very hospital where the person will be incarcerated, and billed for thousands of dollars.


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