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Bobby Brown Recalls How He and Whitney Houston Were High Around Bobbi Kristina Constantly

In Bobby’s new memoir ‘Every Little Step’ some more excerpts are coming out from his book and this time it recounts how he failed his daughter Bobby Kristina….

Bobby candidly details his, and then wife Whitney Houston’s, out of control drug habit and how it effected their daughter Bobbi Kristina…

Bobby writes,
“For some reason Whitney’s drug use got worse after Bobbi Kris was born. Maybe it was because she had to stop using all those months while she was pregnant, but she resumed with a vengeance. I would try to keep Whitney locked in the room, telling her she shouldn’t come in front of our daughter because of the way the drugs affected her. But I couldn’t police Whitney; nobody could police Whitney. She did what she wanted.”
“Our daughter was growing up in the middle of all of this. She often saw her mother and father high, and was around the two of us when we were f—ed up. We tried to keep it away from her, but it was hard for us to see her only when we were sober. How much quality time can you spend with your daughter when you’re high all the time? I would get really mad at Whitney, scream and yell that I wanted a divorce. This went on for years and years. Our daughter saw it all. When I think about it now, I just feel enormous pain. We failed her.”


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