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Bobby Brown Wants Kanye West to Know ‘Stay Away From Me & You Will Be Safe’

Bobby Brown is clearly not here for Kanye West in new interview with Buzzzfeed, after questioning him about Ye’ using Whitney Houston’s old bathroom photo for Pusha T’s album. Brown told Audie Cornish, who hosts the BuzzFeed new Sunday night show, Profile: “Ignorant people are ignorant people, and they’re going to be that way until they find themselves.”

“You expect disrespectful stuff from Kanye West anyway, so he’s not going to change,” Brown said. “Long as he stays clear from me, he’ll be safe. He’ll be OK.”

Nick Gordon is still walking this earth so I know Kanye has no worries, besides why isn’t anyone bringing up the fact that the picture was actually taken by Bobby’s own Sister and sold by Tina Brown. Bobby knew about it and didn’t do anything. So he allowed Whitney to be exploited. Bobby and his whole damn family exploited Whitney before Kanye did.

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