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Brad Pitt Wants Angelina Jolie to Sign Divorce Papers or Pay Fine!

Brad Pitt is not here for Angelina Jolie and her stalling ways and he has given her an ultimatum, finalize the divorce and sign or pay a fine.

From The Mirror:

It has been reported that Brad’s legal team will start turning the screw on Angelina as they believed she is stalling in signing the divorce papers.

The Sun has reported that a frustrated Brad has instructed his lawyers to get a judge to ‘impose a final date’ on the divorce, with an enforceable fine if the process continues to be delayed.

A source has told The Sun that despite Brad showing ‘incredible patience’ during the divorce process, he is “being pushed to his limits.”

The source continued to say that Brad “can only be pushed so far,” and that he “has finally had enough.”

The source revealed that Brad is “sick and tired of Ange constantly moving the goal posts,” which has seen her “stalling their divorce month after month.”

Brad allegedly feels that is has “become almost a game for Angelina.”

It has been reported previously that Angelina has been ‘delaying the process’ in the hope that Brad may make a u-turn on proceedings.

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