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BRANDY Ready To Lay Them Hands on Monica?

You know the beef between Monica and Brandy has been brewing for a longtime now, especially after the two briefly re-conciliated for their second collaboration, “All Belongs to ME!”… But that was short lived and no one knew what happened…..

Well fast forward some years later and now their 20 year beef is reignited all over again… Someone came for Brandy’s mom Sonja Norwood after getting in the mix… Backstory, Monica was on Oprah’s where are they now segment where she stated that Whitney Houston helped her get through some trying times and stated that she was like she was her fairy god mother…

Well, Brandy nor Sonja took too kindly to that and and decided to state some facts about Whitney’s relationship saying that Whitney Houston was not everyone’s ‘God Mother’…..

Mind you Brandy and Whitney has always been close, she was her mentor for god sake and was very close with the family.. I mean, SONJA didn’t mind when she started dating her son Ray J… And you saw how she was with Princess and she was in his age range…


Nevertheless a fan came for Brandy’s mom and B Rocka decided to speak her mind and basically say that she is no longer down with being bullied anymore and that she’s ready to throw them hands if need be…. Check her message to the disrespectful fan below:


You can tell Bandy don’t let shit go. She just stopped wearing individuals a few years ago…. But seriously though I love Brandy.. I need her to focus her energy on something other than this and I have no doubt that Monica is passive-aggressive, sneaky and disrespectful and has been talking ish for years about Brandy…. But this is not the move…


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