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Breezy  cannot seem to catch a break. Last week, Chris Browns former manager Mike G claimed he had been assaulted by the singer.  He also claimed Brown warned the tour staff to behave or else.

According to TMZ, sources say Brown threatened tour manager, Nancy Ghosh while one tour overseas.

“Chris Brown allegedly cornered a female tour manager and went on a threatening, drug-fueled tirade so intense, she jumped off the tour bus and quit on the spot.”

“Sources connected to Chris’ tour tell us the incident went down May 23 during Chris’ European tour. Nancy Ghosh – who’s worked with the like of J-Lo, Kanye West, and Justin Bieber – claims Brown cursed her out in a dispute over her employment terms,” TMZ reports.

Consequently, Ghosh sent an email to Brown’s team claiming the singer was “irrational and high on drugs,” and she feared for her safety.”

Neither Brown or the rep have responded. What do you think readers?

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