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Bridesmaid Spills That Eva Marcille & Hubby Michael Sterling Are Allegedly Broke With Bad Credit?

This is why you absolutely can’t trust people by telling them your business or even seeing what you got going on, because in one way shape or form they will use it against you.

A bridesmaid from the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast mate Eva Marcille’s wedding put all her business in the street…

According to Straight From The A

The “anonymous bridesmaid” says that the former model was nearly BROKE when she moved to Atlanta and that she has been renting houses that she can’t afford to keep up appearances.
The “anonymous bridesmaid” also spills tea that the townhome that Eva films in for the show isn’t even the rental home that she resides in… in fact, the anonymous bridesmaid claims that the townhome is owned by a close mutual friend who allows Eva and Michael to post up for the sake of filming the reality show.
Eva lives in a raggedy little house across the street from a golf course. Eva’s credit is so bad so a lot of her things are in someone else’s name.
The “anonymous bridesmaid” also claims that Eva has had several cars repossessed and that Michael Sterling’s credit is just as bad as his new wife’s. She also claims that Eva owes her money and has fallen out with just about everyone who was in the wedding because she owes them money too.

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