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Britney Spears’ Dad Offers Kevin Federline More Money to End Legal Battle

Britney Spears father is willing to give Kevin Federline more money if he ends his legal battle against his daughter… Jamie Spears reached out to Britney’s baby daddy to see what agreement the could come to and offered an additional $10k per month in hopes that he would call it a truce..

According to The Blast:

The extra cash injection could potentially raise his monthly take in the ballpark of $30,000.
The problem is, we’re told Federline’s attorney is digging his heels in on letting his client accept the offer. We’re told K-Fed’s team believes he is owed much more than just an extra $10k, considering Britney is such a high earner.

Brit has made it very clear that she pays more than enough for her baby daddy to cover the bills and provide a proper lifestyle for the couple’s two children. The “Toxic” star even pointed out that she pays for just about everything, including private school and extracurricular activities.

Sources familiar with the negotiations tell us the extra $10,000 is a good deal, especially considering the former dancer has already racked up over $80,000 in legal fees.

This is why I just want a sperm donor as opposed to a low income fat baby daddy with a whole bunch of children…

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