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Bus Carrying Loads of Journalist in Rio Comes Under Gun Fire

They’ve said Rio is nothing to play with and clearly they’re right, authorities are stepping up security after projectiles struck a bus carrying journalists to the main Olympic Park, the organizing committee for the games said.

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While authorities said it was not immediately clear what struck the bus, a retired U.S. Air Force captain who now writes about women’s basketball said she was certain it was gunfire.

Britain’s Press Association on Wednesday quoted Lee Michaelson, who was on the bus Tuesday, as saying that she instinctively hit the floor when she heard the sound of gunfire and “hollered to the others … ‘Get down! Get down! We are taking fire.’”

“I know what a gun sounds like,” she said. “It was the sound before I ever saw the glass (shatter) or anything.”

Rio is deploying about 85,000 soldiers and police to secure the games, twice as many as London did four years ago.

On Saturday, a stray bullet flew through the roof of a media tent at the Olympic Equestrian Center. Officials said it had been fired from a hillside favela, but said the games had not been targeted. Organizers said the intended target was probably a security camera on a blimp.

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