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Busta Rhymes Is Under Criminal Investigation For BET Awards Incident


Investigators have Busta Rhymes under their microscope for alleged threats he made during the 2015 BET Awards festivities.

According to TMZ, a woman named Kim Simpson said that she and a friend were turning it up on the dance floor when the friend accidentally bumped into the Conglomerate Records heavyweight emcee. Simpson said that he then told her friend, “I’ll bite you, and not that kinda bite,” if it happened again. She added that later on in the night, the two ladies were taking pictures with reality television starlet Deelishis, and Busta was accidentally snapped in one of the flicks. According to Simpson, Busta threatened them with “don’t make me slap you,” and proceeded to charge at the ladies. Thankfully, security was there to calm things down before it got too ugly.

TMZ reportS that Simpson filed a police complaint that night, and authorities are now in search for the “Pass The Courvoisier” rapper. The incident follows close on the heels of an assault charge against the rapper that occurred earlier in August where Busta was arrested for brawling in a Manhattan gym. In 2009, he was also ordered to pay $75,000 dollars to Alex Duncan, a man who alleged that Busta and his body guard drenched him with water, threw water bottles at him and socked him in the face during an upstate New York concert.


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