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Cardi B Delays Wedding to Offest…

Offset and Cardi B got engaged late last year and now Cardi B is delaying her nuptials to the migos rapper… Blaming it on work schedules!

According to E!:

“You know the thing about it is, I really want to get married around the fall time, I love the fall time.”
“But I keep getting, ‘Do you want to do tour around this time?’ ‘Hey do you want to do this around this time?’ And it’s just like—I’m touring, I’m putting out an album. He’s touring, putting out an album.”
“It’s not only about the wedding date. It’s not just one day. It’s gotta be a whole almost two weeks type of thing. We want a honeymoon. Do we even have time for that?”
“We’re really into our careers in our lives…We are really workaholics. It’s crazy.”
Fun Fact: Cardi B and Offset did NOT walk the Grammy red carpet together and were NOT photographed together at all during the event.

I think they broke up and to save face, but want to avoid the controversy so now they throwing fake press here and there just for business sake.

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