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Cardi B Exposed As A Fraud For Stealing New Song From Unknown Rapper!

Same ish different day, Cardi B is being called out once again for stealing the track Be Careful from an unknown rapper… They created an Instagram page called “Cardi B’ is a fraud and started going in on the who, what, when and where..

Kehlani even confirms that Cardi B is a fraud:

It’s sad when your own home turns on you! Cardi B and Khelani were cool…. She was just gushing about her at the Iheart music awards:

Cardi B is not listed on the song as a writer, but the gag is there are actually 17 people who wrote this basic ass song! Anywho, what do you expect from a chick who got famous from stealing Kodak blacks “No Flockin” entire flow and says she was “inspired by it”!


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