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Cardi B Reminds Her Haters Of How Far She’s Come

Now I know many people don’t like Cardi B but I love her! She’s super honest and has no problem proving to her haters how far her come up has improved!

“Cardi B’s opening statement to the rap game was an ode to “gangsta b*tches” worldwide, and it offered all of the grit, sex appeal and sass her online legion of faithful followers live for. After a successful mixtape debut earlier this year, Belcalis Almanzar returns with new music, and this time she’s got her crew with her and plenty braggadocio to boot.”

On her latest effort, Underestimated, a bonus track called “Sick 16 (Freestyle)” finds the Trinidadian-Dominican rapper counting her rightful blessings and simultaneously boasting about her successes.

Here are the lyrics:

Last year I was on the pole Now you can catch ya girl on the road
Damn near 15k a show
I think some bitches need to know, yeah
Cause I don’t brag much
But shit really be a blow
When I got bitches that’s coming for me like we on the same level, that’s a no
These bitches is nowhere near my level
Can’t even fit em in my schedule
Yeah your girl is overbooked
You really think my attention’s gonna catch you
Mixtape been out for 3 weeks
And already charting on Billboards
For really think that shit was free
All I gotta say is “thank you Lord”  

On an earlier track titled “Bronx Season,” the Love and Hip Hop alum again takes a moment to swagger—this time, hurdling over quick couplets illustrating how she handles business on and off stage.

I see the lights
I hear the hype

I hit the mic
I kill the show
I get my dough
I catch a flight
I see a hater
I’m running down
It’s on sight
I throw my hands
I hit em’ left
I hit em’ right

Along with Cardi, Underestimated is a collaboration among KSR Group artists Hood Celebrityy, SwiftOnDemand, Cashflow Harlem and Josh X. It was originally gifted only to attendees of their recent U.S. tour, before it was released to the masses.

Check it out below and share your thoughts:

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