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Cardi B Talks Nicki Minaj, Offset & More With The Breakfast Club

Yes, my favorite stripper, turned reality star, turned fashion and music Icon Cardi B, paid a visit to the Breakfast Club this morning…

When asked if her and Nicki talked, she gave a brief answer and tried to change the subject…..

During the interview, Cardi dished on meeting JAY-Z and Beyoncé, plus a potential collaboration with Remy Ma, her relationship with Offset, and how “that damn Taylor Swift came out of nowhere.”

Read highlights from the interview below.

ON REMY MA COLLABORATION: “Not yet. The last time I talked to her, I showed her a beat and she showed me a beat. Right now, I’m so focused on my album. There’s a lot of people coming my way, man!”

ON SZA AND “LOVE GALORE”: “We be complimenting each other online. She’s so sweet. It’s like a natural thing for me to remix things.”

ON JAY-Z AND BEYONCÉ: “They just said hi. No, they said a lot of other beautiful stuff. I don’t want to air stuff like that out, but I met her. I met Beyoncé, y’all! It was real. It wasn’t Photoshopped!”

ON GOING NO. 1: “I almost had it, right? I almost had it but that damn Taylor Swift came out of nowhere like Hurricane Irma. That record, you know what? She did her thing.”

ON WHETHER SHE’S IN “LOVE” WITH OFFSET: “You know I’m too gangsta to use those type of words, man.”


Check out full interview below:


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