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CBS Sports: Jay Z No Where Close to Becoming A NFL Part Owner.

So what’s the truth? It was big talk about Jay Z collaborating with the NFL for Superbowl and then it turned into him becoming an owner of a team.. Now CBS sports is debunking that rumor citing it was all fabricated.


 Multiple people connected to NFLownership and the league office have told CBS Sports that this TMZ-reported rumor is simply false, that there are no plans in place for the rap legend to become an NFL ownerSources said it had people directly tied to the deal — within the Roc Nation team and within the NFL offices — scurrying to try to figure out who put the flawed info out there.

Was it leaked by someone with a particular agenda? Was it meant to obscure or conflate the actual intent of this arrangement?

Regardless, the deal does not include any ownership stake or parameters of a potential one. That’s not to say that Jay-Z will not at some point get a piece of a team through his work with the league and its owners. “Those kinds of deals don’t exist in the NFL,” as one super-plugged in ownership-level source put it. “There is no ownership component to this arrangement.”

I love Jay Z, he is like the mentor I never had, but let stans tell it he is playing chess… He is, but at the expense of his own people! I will forever respect Jay and his grind but sometimes I question his decision making skills; this was not a good move at all, but I guess we will have to sit back and really see what’s the tea!

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