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Your 12th house of dreams & talents is producing a positive influence, within some major area & this could very well benefit someone extremely special, as you go about your many pursuits. Also, you’re likely to find yourself inadvertently doing something that is on your bucketlist.

The suns’ sextile of excess prone Jupiter, in your house of groups, friendships, & social activity, may have you going from party to party, which should keep you busy, sharing your holiday cheer.

With the sun compelling you to indulge in feelings that are connected somehow, with your 11th house of hopes & wishes; you’ll probably use any alone time, thinking on how best to coordinate, either a one on one meeting or a way to funnel additional energy toward a personal matter, one that you are in process of aligning perfectly with your personal clock- for perfect timing & ultimate enjoyment.

The sun is currently conjunct, with Saturn, and this means that you could draw on previous experience, which is apt to leave a powerful impression, on topics of discussion now.

Saturn, in your 8th house of powerful resources, tends to have a welcoming affect, right now- as you’ve probably reassured yourself, in areas where it was necessary, and the competent choices that you’ve, no doubt, made; inspire a spirit of success, if not a sense of closure- where it counts.

Your 9th house of a higher mind, is factoring in, to how you’re feeling at present- & it’s no wonder people feel a desire, to tap into your presence, in order to share in those wondrous aspects of your current outlook.

Your 6th house of health & habits, may place you in a position that brings certain factors to mind, or places an emphasis on something that you feel needs to be done- so you may find yourself busy, scheduling appointments, or making your regular rounds, handling details, with a sense of completeness, if not complacency.

Your 5th house of pleasure & romance has set the basis for you to, perhaps, more seriously ponder making a semi-sweet, innovative invitation, to some lucky individual- to meet up, or maybe go on a spontaneous excursion of sorts.

Someone, whether purposefully or not- will probably end up inspiring you, in some capacity and you’ll be in the mood, to pass that inspirational torch- as you blaze your own trail.

Whether you agree or disagree, with someone who you happen to encounter, or spend a considerable amount of time with; doors are destined to open & eventually, the lightbulbs will turn on- so there’s really no need to get revved up or encourage your own blood pressure to rise & your realization of that, is apt to leave you contented, if not more flexible, on a highly regarded issue.

Your 10th house is figuring prominently, right now, therefore you’re apt to have dealings with either someone who is, or has been employed by the government. Whether going thru matters of protocol or just winging things, among acquaintances, your activity levels are soaring, while you bask in it all.

Your logical nature won’t generally allow you to focus on the downside of things or be in the dumps for too long, which is definitely a fortunate thing- since you’ve got a couple of good deeds that are waiting to be marked off of your list and are apt to make you feel quite a bit better.

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