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Gemini Being that Neptune & the moon, were aligned within your house of career, at the beginning of the month, your idealistic visions have finally taken center stage- and it’s a time to celebrate your ability, to create & encourage positive growth, as you work through any Mars imposed conflict.

Taurus With your social engagements being emphasized, it is imperative to keep in mind that your present reality, may inevitably be a part of someone elses’ wishes- so review the actions of others with this in mind, as you count your blessings, keeping them close to heart.

Leo Shared interests may bring you within close proximity with someone else, or induce extra camaraderie, along with an enduring sense of valuable, mental stimulation.

Aquarius The energy of Mars, in Aquarius, is bringing goals into magnified focus- & Neptune, with its compassionate overtones, may have offered ideas, on how to express yourself, using something that you now have access to, or someone may offer you something that could decorate your surroundings & liven things up.

Scorpio Mars, in your 4th house, of home & real estate, has you stirred and ready to confidently take action wherever it’s needed.

Libra While someone else may have a momentary lack if weighing the scales of someone, for one reason or another, you are ready to pull a persons’ card; & people knew this when they invited you to the party- so, yeah.

Cancer The energy of Mars is bringing a few things together, which can be viewed as a comfort, despite any nervous mutterings of those who mean to bring in vibrations of a different sort, promoting a sense of peace to accompany the renewed momentum.

Sagittarius With Mars & Aquarius, bringing into focus your 3rd house, of siblings- you may end up working through, or either helping to work through entanglements; which could actively encourage those who you are concerned about.

Pisces Your emotions might feel as if they’re becoming amplified, as you take time out, in order to reach out to others, thereby meeting their needs, in some manner or another. 

Capricorn Fitting in is fitting in- it’s a good thing that you know exactly when someone could be taking it too far. Your uniqueness will be placed on display, & could possibly motivate others to allow their best qualities to empower improved leadership, where it’s most urgently needed.

Virgo The independent way that you go about thinking through issues, will help to ground you, right now- even if it’s deemed to be a way that seems to bother someone else, you’ll feel more certain of your own thoughts, once you’ve completely finished dissecting all relevant, ongoing facts, along with your most strongly held opinions, on the topics weighing on your mind.

Aries The limitations, that are associated with Saturn, might have you popping the brakes on something & as long as you keep things on a practical, even keel, all will feel kosher.


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