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Celebrity XO Scopes

    Aquarius The alignment of Venus and Uranus, is bringing in a tad of invention to love matters; concerning you. Anticipation is likely to build, and inspire your heart in a major way.

    Leo Mercury is bringing extra attention to whatever methods of self expression you are using, with billboard precision.

    Gemini Mercury is bringing additional communication vibes, to be relished, with a partner or close friend.

    Taurus Pluto is bringing out subconscious forces, which do, at times have a connection to deeper needs.

    Libra Uranus is bringing out quirkiness, within your originality, as you go about doing your thing and maintaining order inside of your own domain.

    Sagittarius Mercury is bringing an encouraging mood of contemplation- which will go hand in hand in inducing you to express your feelings in some way or another.

    Aries Mercury is bringing a chatty vibration, just as you decide to share helpful suggestions that you have for someone close to you- which is likely to reduce their strain.

    Cancer There’s no time like the present, to break any habits that haven’t proved to be beneficial, or help someone else to do so. Mercury induced vibes will set the tone, promoting an agreeable flow for any counseling or group sessions to that effect.

    Capricorn Mercury, in your house of fulfillment, may have you focused on something that you’ve been ruminating about- right before a companion appears, lifts your spirit and pulls your attention elsewhere.

    Pisces Mercury is bringing your career into focus, and you may find that your ambition feels ready to bubble over.

    Virgo You’re apt to find yourself embedded within any concerns that are related to house and home. Whether cleaning or getting something in tip-top shape, you’re ready to resist quick fixes and tackle the issues at hand.

    Scorpio You are likely to find expenditures on your mind, and be that as it may, sharing with someone else may be one very important way that you show where your values are.

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