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Celebrity XO Scopes Weekly Forecast

This is something new that we’re trying and we’re going to be giving you your weekly horoscope for all the signs that need a little bit of guidance… So check out this week’s forecast below:

Aquarius: Your fourth house may have you feeling like showing somebody that
you’re bout it, bout-it, but at the end of the day, you’d rather conserve a
bit of energy- & you’ll be glad that you did.

Leo The moon:
in your tenth house, creates tunes that will have you ready
to dance, the whole day through. No matter whether you’re on a tight clock
or not, you’ll be able to get the job done & get that movie back to the
library, on time, too.

Capricorn: Someone who you hang out with, will be elated to see you in such
a chipper mood- as you get out & enjoy a little mingling time.

Sagittarius: if your subconscious brings anything unappealing to mind, make
sure that you respond with a quick, ‘miss me, with that,’ since there are
so many more wonderful things going on in the world, to concentrate on.
Pouring your time into a volunteer program will prove rewarding.

Scorpio: The moon, which is gracing your seventh house of partnerships, has
created a social moment that will no doubt, uplift your spirits.

Libra: Someone may have enlisted you, to find out the relationship status,
of an associate, however, what your friend really could use, is
encouragement when it comes to asking that crush out, otherwise the info
will prove useless, more or less.

Virgo: The moon, in your ninth house may promote you to have a tendency
toward giving someone a piece of your mind, which will feel like a relief,
as long as you don’t create a situation where repetition gives way to

: If you’ve decided to start browsing around for early holiday gift
ideas, chances are that your eleventh house has you leaning towards some of
the newest presents on the market, so there are some very lucky individuals
on your list, big spender. Your early planning will help you to avoid a few
unfortunate price hikes.

Gemini: Even if you get off to a late start, you’ll be able to get things
going, & have people pumped, as long as you steer around a couple of tart
apples- but who knows, you might even find it in your heart, to give them
peptalks, on how to squeeze out their best, most refreshingly sour selves;
hopefully that won’t slow you down, too much.

Aries: Making time, to help that certain someone, with hair issues, or
tagging along, to a self defense class, as a favor; will definitely make
someone feel totally endebted, besides it will be more fun than you
expected- & it’s not like you have to make it everyday protocol.

Pisces: Someone may have grabbed your attention and is now holding a steady
interest, making this the ultimate time to push everything else into its
proper corner, and create a scenario that you can comfortably share, while
spending quality time.

Taurus: While mulling over things may be what helps you to be sure of your
choices, at the same time, it shows how seriously you take life. Your care
filled steps have prompted others to take notice & have a desire to also
take part in your endeavors, whether it be to accompany you on a long
drive, or just paste fliers of missing people & pets- if given the chance.

Astrological Positions researched & reported by MeLissa Carruthers Wilso

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