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Celebrity XO Scopes, Your Weekly Forecast

Aquarius You may not have time to manage a huge event, in order to celebrate a career success or other achievement, however, you can find the time to send an anonymous note or a wink to someone special, if you want to send shivers, that is.

Sagittarius The knack that you have, at connecting with different individuals, on a mental level that is mutually understood, could do wonders within an upcoming group setting.

Pisces Your energetic way of bouncing back, will come in handy, after you deal with an issue related to health.

Capricorn The help that you give to others is just the thing that will set you apart & bring on an ever-more desirable outcome than, perhaps, was anticipated.

Libra A difference of opinion will gradually give way to a combined effort of consolidating either resources or joint efforts on a somewhat pressing matter.

Scorpio After pondering a puzzling issue, you’ll find multiple ways, in which to interject your style of branding, wherever it’s deemed necessary.

Leo Recent advertisements, or maybe word of mouth; has put your level of skills on the map, and the time that you are putting in has been an investment of Mina, that is in constant motion- on its way back.

Virgo A desire to move forward will be blessed, once you use an inner-driven determination, to avoid sulking and take a new “bull,” by the horns, in spite of nearby complainers- you’ll be inclined to, doubtlessly, face facts & do what’s best for you.

Cancer The flour is on its way to becoming bread. Your ongoing recipe, for an improved reality is well on its way to manifesting itself, and that counts, for something, so don’t allow brick walls to vanish your resolve- instead, bake it out and harden it up more.

Gemini The fact that you’ve made a conscious choice, to be around those who understand your nature, is what has set the proper tone, for an announcement, followed by an outflow of encouragement, to someone who is very dear.

Taurus Double checking on a situation will prove best, where it pertains to people who are reporting to you, in one fashion or another; and of course, background snickers are apt to help perk up what could otherwise be a bummer of a scenario. Your etiquette will, indeed, be a leader- when it comes to deciphering, then sifting thru opinions that are inapplicable, or downright foolish.

Aries While you value the advice of someone, who happens to have ideas that are quite marketable, you’re apt to be more focused on hanging out, exploring possible companionship, with this person, because you’d make a great team, more ways than one.

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