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Celebrity XO Scopes; Your Weekly horoscope Forecast:

Gemini Even if you feel that you, & someone else aren’t on the same, exact page right now- comfort can be attained, in small increments, as you slow down a bit, & allow momentum to build, more gradually. 

Aquarius With the moon gracing your 12th house of dreams & talent, Mars is bestowing extra energetic vibes- it’s up to you to put in additional work, should you so desire, in order to cut thru any illusion that would be more gratifying, as reality.

Leo Something that had negative connotations has been broken down, so that you can step over the rubble, more easily now, & your gracious attitude is grounding you, while you take time to manage the positive decisions that were made, by others.

Taurus Deep down, its apparent that the feelings that have been reflected off of you, were appreciated & sent back, with investments added on. Its not that you’ve withdrawn, emotionally- you just know that emotions have their place & focusing on positive aspects of your life assures that you are in an unhindered, good place.

Sagittarius The moon is intensifying your emotions, and yet, you know that getting wound up could frustrate matters in your life, right now- so, going out, enjoying the happenings of the season, is sure to be a much needed pick-me-up.


Scorpio Certain “goings-on,” at present, may be giving you the feeling that you’re somewhat stumbling around, in the dark- so write out reminders, or hire an additional personal assistant; should you already have one, in order to keep your wits about you, just so you’ll be less likely to misplace the important things, like your own keys, as you cater to the needs of those who look up to you.

Capricorn Your succedent 11th house of wishes & social activities is lighting up the board, so if you feel the tendency to loosen up the control, you know where it’s coming from, as you ponder rising to the occasion & taking on any challenge.

Virgo You may find yourself in a mood to visit, so as you delight in that small indulgence, it will feel as if it has been intensified, by a new take on happenings of the past, that someone else has examined and openly decides to share.

Pisces Your 9th house, of a higher mind, is calling- possibly emphasizing topics that are rarely discussed, if ever; with in-laws, or a foreign raised friend. Chances are, you might stumble across extra insight, on life- while just kicking it.

Libra Your second house, of material possessions, has set the pace that has you, likely to be in a position, to cater to yourself- or perhaps even consider taking someone else with you, to someplace alarmingly tantalizing- you could end up simply inviting someone into your own plushly inspired set.

Aries Your 8th house, of resources has taken center stage, once again, and may have you actively seeking psychological regeneration- which is an awesome way to spend any extra time; at present.

Cancer The moon, which is in your 5th house of pleasure, at this moment; is highlighting any hobbies that you enjoy- so you’ll, no doubt feel more fulfilled, if you put that creative game of “over-the-net,” first, and enjoy what could be viewed as stolen moments- likely sheltered & free from the intrusive villainy of others.









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