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Celebrity XO: Your Weekly Forecast

Leo The Venus sextile of Jupiter means, that you’re at a peak point in life, where capitalizing on something you do well- will create an abundance of joy, for you, so, leisurely typing that code that’s in the back of your mind, could come in handy for you.

Gemini The hustle and bustle that surrounds you, is merely scenery, the kind that sets the mood for action to go down, which only contributes to the lively take that you have on getting things done.

Aries It’s not your cup of tea, to feel held back, in any capacity, so definitely don’t let muddy grass (figuratively speaking, of course), or otherwise irritating circumstances stop you from any plans to venture out, in a new excursion.

Cancer The systematic way that you have, at managing the important things, is something that authors tend to write books about. Suffice it to say that, your contributions, to those around you, are Heaven sent.

Capricorn You may find that you have so many invitations being sent to you, or that there are so many plans, being envisioned & fulfilled, that the commotion feels surreal. You were about ready to yawn, if the computer was the only thing in view, again- you’re in extreme go-mode; now, that’s more like it.

Sagittarius Others shouldn’t be too surprised, once they begin getting calls to action, from you- since you’re prone to check in, now, if only in order to followup & remind family & anyone else who needs to be reminded, of whatever it is that they need to be doing- when there is a tight schedule.

Libra Do you feel it? The determination, to pick up that book that’s been calling your name, or do something else, that you’re going to set aside a reasonable amount of “me” time to do- even if it’s just touching bases. A sense of satisfaction can be a sweet reward.

Scorpio The ideas that you’ve come up with, for yourself, are full of promising results & the opinions that you supply others with, right now; are likely to be something that can help them out, in some way or another, possibly brightening everyone’s day, in the process.

Taurus It may feel as if quite a few people would like to put bids in, when it comes to planning your future, however, that’s unlikely to divert you from putting in work- toward any of your quests, as you’ve been known to keep it moving, even in the pressing rain- no wonder you’ll be prone to muster up a smile, whether your plans change or not, & even if someone one tries to make it rain, on your parade.

Aquarius Someone may be prone, to pester you, in one way or another, yet, even if left with an incredulous feeling, your vision will rely on you, yourself- remaining on a fixed mental point, something that you have an undeniable talent for.

Pisces You may have a tendency to feel an unguided sense of direction, if you take a look at what someone else is doing, however, staying within a personal zone, & reviewing the nature of your own actions, may help you, in an area where you could use it.

Virgo With the Suns’ conjunction of Mercury, the use of the mental energy that you possess, can either be directed toward the support of your ego- or toward another goal, one that you’re heavily inclined to make a discreet run for, at this time.





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