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Chaka Khan Planning Personal Tribute to Prince

Chaka Khan and Prince were very close friends and because of his passing, she went to rehab for her addiction to pain killers as well as completed her stint.. Now she is planning to do a tribute to her late friend…

“I’m still mourning. It’s very personal for me. I loved him,” she tells the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Chaka has declined multiple requests to to participate in Prince tributes, she has yet to make up her mind about the official celebration on Oct. 13 in Minneapolis, endorsed by Prince’s family.

“I’m thinking about it,” she says. “I’m looking at the calendar to see what is going on. But I have something planned in the near future — a personal tribute.”

Khan would not elaborate on what that might entail. She did, however, discuss the Joni Mitchell tribute album that she’s currently recording.

“I’ve loved Joni Mitchell since I’ve started singing professionally,” Khan says. “I’ve been listening to her most of my life, and we’re very good friends. So when she got sick, I felt like now was the time.”


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