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Chilli And Nick Cannon Decide To Let It All Out In Cannon’s New Video “If I Was Your Man”

We should have seen this coming from their dating rumors we posted back in September. Though it’s no secret now these two decided to tease us and spark more attention in Nick Cannon’s new video If I Was Your Man ft Jeremih. You can find clips of the couple in bed viewing a oceanic scenery.

Sources gave us a few of the lyrics “head to the back, swagged out, lookin’ like Chilli,” rhymes Nick while the TLC songstress smiles up at her knight and shining armor *eye roll* (lol ok I won’t hate to much). As the sun sets on the couple Nick brings milk and cookies to the bed as Jeremih starts singing about “eating the cookie” right. Reports have been made that aside from the new visual, Nick also released “Other Ni**a” featuring Sy Ari Da Kid and Movie, another track off his forthcoming mixtape, The Gospel of Ike Turn Up: My Side of The Story.

“Commitment issues,” he raps. “You know I got ’em / Can’t trust these bitches, yeah, that’s my problem.”

Not so romantic anymore is he?

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