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Chris Evans Dog Interrupts His 22 Pushup Challenge and It’s Too Cute For Words

The 22-Pushup Challenge was created to raise awareness for the high suicide rate among veterans. 22 veterans commit suicide a day and, in similar form to the Ice Bucket Challenge from two years ago, the 22-Pushup Challenge was made to create a consciousness of this fact.

Chris Evans was nominated by John Krasinski to participate in the challenge, and he started by thanking “all the men and women who serve this country.” Something unexpectedly adorable happens next, when he gets down on the yoga mat to do the pushups.

Captain America’s puppy, Dodger, didn’t seem to understand the importance of the pushups and kept bumping at his owner’s head, begging for attention.

Dodger interrupted so much that Evans nearly lost count by the end of the video. Though the actor did, in fact, do twenty-two pushups it is pretty easy to see how he could lose count.

Overall, the challenge is doing its job. Hopefully with the raised awareness these veterans who have done so much for our country will get the help that they need.

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