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Ciara and Russell Wilson Are Expecting Their First Child Together

You guys may not believe it now, but trust when I tell you…. Ciara and Russell Wilson are expecting and they’re being mum about it…. Ciara is already a mom to the adorable baby future who is 2…..

Just know that Russell was putting in that work… If you look at the way Ciara dresses usually, she likes to show her tummy and lately she’s been covering up… Just like she did when she was first pregnant with baby future…… Now I will say not a maybe, but SHE is pregnant with baby number 2……

We’ll just wait on confirmation, which will be shortly…

Now that she’s been named Revlon’s Brand Ambassador she performed the other night and once again trying to cover her little pooch, but we see it… Since her marriage she’s been covered up!



Anyway, congratulations

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