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Ciara Drops Libel Lawsuit

Ciara has decided to drop the libel lawsuit, that she had, against Future- her baby’s daddy, reports As anyone who checks out the Twitter account, of her husband, Russell Wilson, knows; he is definitely one to quote Bible verses, but before anyone surmises that he successfully discouraged her lawsuit with scripture, like the one encouraging church, or religious dispute resolution instead- such as in 1 Corinthians 6:1, think again, since, as XXL also reported, Ciara is still suing, for “false light”.

This news, all comes, amidst the unsettling, Larsa & Scottie Pippen divorce, where emphasized that Future has been described as somewhat “cozy,” with Larsa Pippen, even having her aboard his private jet. In additional reports, by, Future is said to be “comforting her,” during her divorce. Both lawsuits, and divorces can be quite stressful, so- perhaps Future will find comfort, during the lawsuit that he’s facing, as well.


Reported by MeLissa Carruthers Wilson

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