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Misery sure does love company but Ciara isn’t trying to keep Future company in this clap back season!

The two have been the center of attention for quite some time since there 2014 break up. Who would have thought that the love would turn into borderline hate. The Atlanta rapper announced that his ex ruined Christmas for him because he did not get to spend time with their son Zahir. Future’s recent twitter attack against his child’s mother left most of us wondering exactly how much dirty sprite had he been drinking. The rant went further with calling the “I Bet” singer a B****h. Ciara’s camp stated that Future has been bitter since the couples break and apparently using Ciara to boost his record sales. YIKES! However, sources tell us that Ciara hasn’t prevented Future from seeing their son. As the story unfolds it is alleged that Future has not made much effort in co-parenting since Ciara’s budding relationship with Russell Wilson. We will wait for all this dust to settle on this one but in the mean time we wanted to know how Ciara responded to this negativity. We took to her Instagram to do some lurking and here’s what we came up with:

Future:0 Ciara:1…………..UNBOTHERED!

Future:0 Ciara:4………………….UNBOTHERED YET AGAIN!

Future:0 Ciara:6……………..and AGAIN!

Future:3 (Because his music is winning) Ciara: 10…….aren’t they cute?……OFFICIALLY UNBOTHERED HERE

Ciara’s tweets are unresponsive as well.Iyanla, please come fix Future’s life. We are sure this won’t be the end of this feud (atleast on Future’s end) but until next time let us just sit this here…….

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